About Us

Sunil Tulsiani well known as the “Wealthy Cop” is an honored personality of Canada. Inherently Sunil is from Kathi district of Madhya Pradesh, India. He is a well-known name in the world of real estate investment. He is a man of principles, a committed citizen who strongly believes in socially responsible policies.

Sunil started his career as a provincial police officer in Ontario for over 16 years.

To follow the call of his passion he left his job and turned into a real estate investor.

Presently he is running a private investment club(PIC). He got fame in the beginning of his new career of investing in 77 properties. After being successful in the area of real estate investment he shared his experiences and tips in a form of book. He started consulting other investor which turned him into a great author and a mentor.

Today Sunil is an internationally renowned public speaker who love to instruct his club’s member that how to succeed as a real estate investor. In many videos of Sunil one can find him giving tips to make career in real estate.